Posted on 13-Jul-2019

Cake Flavours 2019

Cake Flavours
Madeira -------------------------------------- Jam & buttercream
Cherry madeira --------------------------- Plain buttercream
Madeira chocolate chip ----- Plain or Chocolate buttercream
Chocolate ------------------------- Chocolate buttercream
Double chocolate chip ------------- Chocolate buttercream
Chocolate & plain marble ------------ Chocolate buttercream
Salted caramel ----- Caramel buttercream & toffee pieces
Chocolate orange ------------ Orange curd and buttercream
Red Velvet ------------------------------- Plain buttercream
Zesty lemon ----------------- Lemon curd and buttercream
Carrot cake ------------------------------ Plain buttercream
Almond & raspberry ------ Raspberry jam & plain buttercream
Coffee and Irish cream -------------- Coffee buttercream
Coffee and walnut -------------------- Coffee buttercream
Orange and orange liqueur ---- Orange curd and buttercream
Sultana and cinnamon ----------------- Plain buttercream
Rum & Raisin ------------------------- Plain buttercream
Fruit cake ------------------------------------------- Marzipan
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